Tara Kachroo

Integrative Movement Therapy

Facilitate and empower your self-healing journey with Tara Kachroo, RMT.

Our Approach

We guide and empower our clients in healing chronic pain, postural and coordination issues, and lack of range of movement through integrative movement techniques designed specifically for your unique body and needs. Let us help you connect you back to your body, in its most functional form.

Tara Kachroo RMT - Integrative Movement Therapy Expert

Meet Tara

Tara combines in-depth knowledge of assessment, functional anatomy, biomechanics, and neuroplasticity together with a lifetime of movement practice and meditation to offer a truly transformative approach to healing. She works under the scope of practice of Registered Massage Therapy, providing assessment-based therapy, myofascial work, and remedial exercise from a unique, holistic perspective.

Our Focus Areas

Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain

Thorough extensive analysis, we work together to discover the root cause of the motor function problem causing pain, and move from there to re-establish mobility.

Postural Realignment

Correct years of postural misalignment and habitual holding pattens through functional exercises designed for your body.

Scar tissue remodeling

Scar Tissue Remodeling

Neurokinetic Therapy can be used to assess and correct the ways scar tissue interrupts motor control.

Cranial Adjustment

Repair the impact of head trauma and ease postural misalignment, neck pain, back pain, headaches, and chronic TMJ issues through subtle adjustments and realignment exercises.

A space for healing

All your appointments will take place in our sunny home studio, conveniently located near the Victoria street exit off Highway 85, in Kitchener-Waterloo.

Street parking is available.

A space for healing

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