Tara Kachroo

Using Silicon Gel Pads for Scar Treatment

Using Silicon Gel Pads for Scar Treatment

I usually wait about 4 weeks after a surgery or injury to start the kind of scar treatment that I do with my clients; though occasionally we can start earlier. However, there are lots of things that you can do for your wounds as they are healing, and for your scars as they are forming. My top recommendation is hydration. 

This includes general hydration – drinking plenty of water and taking electrolytes. Maintaining good general hydration levels is especially important for new mothers who are also breastfeeding. You can also hydrate the area of a healing wound or an already formed scar locally. There are many types of lotions, gels and oils that can be used for local and topical hydration. While different products work well for different people, I tend to recommend silicon gel or silicone pads.

After the wound has closed completely silicon gel pads or silicon ointment are clinically proven to help improve scar formation.  They can help improve the appearance of scars, soften their texture and increase their mobility. 

I often recommend the brand ScarAway, as it’s available widely. However, there are other products out there online that are less expensive. Use the pads as directed on the package, for between 1 and 4 weeks to begin to see cosmetic changes and softening of the tissue. For areas like the face, knee, or elbow, a silicon ointment might be more appropriate. The use of silicon gel pads for scar treatment is a GREAT way to prepare for a scar treatment with me.  You can book a scar treatment in the Kitchener area online here.